June 2019 PG County Evening Event

06-26-2019 7:00 pm -9:00 pm
$15 PMI SoMD members; $18 non-members

Topic: Negotiating: Three Key Strategies for Success

A presentation for Project Managers and Program Managers with a focus on successful negotiation strategies. A review of agile techniques and approaches to leverage project management PMBOK best practices and processes to positively negotiate with cross-functional stakeholders to effectively manage project and contract requirements in the business world.

The recipe for successful implementation of mission critical projects and strategic initiatives requires strong negotiation strategies during the entire project lifecycle. Debra Brown will share some tangible approaches and strategies to navigate through complex technology and project changes utilizing negotiation skills to maintain engagement of diverse stakeholders for project success.

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July 22 Book Club Free Event

07-22-2019 7:00 pm -8:00 pm
Free Event

Receive PDUs for reading the book and an additional PDU for participating in the online discussion about the book with author Dr. Bill Brantley!


Book of the Month for July, 2019

The Persuasive Project Manager 

by Dr. Bill Brantley, PMP, PMI-ACP


Could you manage your projects better? Do you have problems with misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and missed opportunities? You may have heard that “90% of a project manager’s work is communication.” The Persuasive Project Manager will help you communicate for understanding instead of just giving information. You will learn how to manage and coordinate meaning – and understanding – in your projects.

The Persuasive Project Manager explains:

  • What Aristotle taught us about effective communication and why his 2,000-year old advice is still vital to persuasive communication.
  • How the “Coordinated Management of Meaning” can help you develop and lead high-performing project teams.
  • Why the project manager is the communication hub and how you can better manage the flow of project communication.
  • Why project managers need to master both emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence to be more effective in negotiations and leading teams.
  • How to recognize and overcome cognitive biases to better communicate your message.
  • How to effectively communicate online with a distributed workforce by being virtually “present.”

You will receive workplace-tested, practical tips and tools to help you improve your project management communication style. Learn about the latest communication research and methods to create a culture of understanding and increase your chances for project success.


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